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Franz Schubert’s piano works belong to pianists’ core repertoire and of course, to Henle’s, too. Our catalogue contains almost all of Schubert’s piano compositions. This volume contains the piano works that are played the most: the two collections of four Impromptus (D 899 and D 935) as well as the six Moments Musicaux (D 780). Our edition was first printed in the year that the publishing house was founded, in 1948. The editor and person who provided the fingerings was a pianist who is still greatly admired: Walter Gieseking. We have made numerous “cuttings” from this main “plant”- single editions with the identical musical text ofthe Impromptus op. 90,

  1. Impromptu c-moll op. 90,1 D 899
  2. Impromptu Es-dur op. 90,2 D 899
  3. Impromptu Ges-dur op. 90,3 D 899
  4. Impromptu As-dur op. 90,4 D 899
  5. Moment musical C-dur op. 94,1 D 780
  6. Moment musical As-dur op. 94,2 D 780
  7. Moment musical f-moll op. 94,3 D 780
  8. Moment musical cis-moll op. 94,4 D 780
  9. Moment musical f-moll op. 94,5 D 780
  10. Moment musical As-dur op. 94,6 D 780
  11. Impromptu f-moll op. post. 142,1 D 935
  12. Impromptu As-dur op. post. 142,2 D 935
  13. Impromptu B-dur op. post. 142,3 D 935
  14. Impromptu f-moll op. post.142,4 D 935


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