The Best Of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler TAB Edition


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The Best of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler.
All the Best Songs arranged for guitar tab. Complete with full lyrics.


Since the early 1980s, Mark Knopfler has been regarded as a true guitar hero. With a style and sound that is entirely his own and instantly recognisable, he gave the rock guitar a new vocabulary, combining the character of the Blues with the techniques of country-pickers such as his own hero Chet Aitkins. The winning combination of ’80s innovations and classic guitar work took Dire Straits to the very top of the charts time and again, with poignant ballads like Brothers In Arms and Private Investigations sitting alongside upbeat favourites Money For Nothing and Walk Of Life.
Knopfler’s solo albums have continued his rising success and reputation, giving the guitarist the opportunity to explore his songwriting and playing outside the confines of a successful major band. This commemorative songbook features the best of both worlds, with twenty-two songs all carefully transcribed in accurate guitar Tablature.


  • 1. All The Roadrunning
  • 2. Boom, Like That
  • 3. Brothers in Arms
  • 4. Calling Elvis
  • 5. Darling Pretty
  • 6. Going Home (Local Hero)
  • 7. Love Over Gold
  • 8. Money for Nothing
  • 9. On Every Street
  • 10. Private Investigations
  • 11. Romeo And Juliet
  • 12. Sailing To Philadelphia
  • 13. So Far Away
  • 14. Sultans Of Swing
  • 15. Telegraph Road
  • 16. The Long Road
  • 17. The Trawlerman’s Song
  • 18. Tunnel Of Love
  • 19. Walk of Life
  • 20. What It Is
  • 21. Why Aye Man
  • 22. Your Latest Trick

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