THAL-400 Thomastik Alphayue Cellosnaren set 4/4


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cello-snarenset 4/4, medium

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ALPHAYUE is a breakthrough string for students of all levels – the number one choice for aspiring artists! ALPHAYUE surprises with sound qualities and balance never before available at this price point. Advanced materials married with a sophisticated design result in a professional sound with renowned Thomastik-Infeld quality.

When looking for ideal strings for a cello common issues are shrill A-strings and dark, dull G- & C-strings. ALPHAYUE G and C delight with beautiful warmth and well-aimed focus. The customized Hydronalium winding makes the ALPHAYUE A-string thicker, leading to a very gentle feeling on your fingers as well as immediate playability. This combination of materials also delivers a distinctive warm sound with well-aimed foucs offering new possibilities previously impossible to achieve at this level.

The experience of joy in playing is the essence of ALPHAYUE – defined by beautiful balance across all strings, instant response and effortless modulation. The strings quickly perk up to their full sound potential and impress with great tuning stability. They improve the sound of even the most basic student instruments. Unaffected by temperature, humidity changes and perspiration – they are also long lasting!

Suitable for the full range of instruments, from dark to bright

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Afmetingen 12,5000 × 12,5000 × 1,5000 cm


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