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This is the 25th anniversary model which features the shadow bird inlays, mahogany headstock face with the PRS 25th eagle inlay, white leather 25th anniversary hardcase and the sapphire smokeburst finish. This guitar is a collector’s item already!
On paper, the 305 looks like a simplified version of the 513 (launched 2004). The five single-coils are trimmed to three, with a single five-way pickup selector, and the scale length is increased to a full 648mm (25.5-inches, the same as a Fender Stratocaster) over the 513’s 641mm (25.25-inches). For context, most PRS guitars are 634mm (25-inches).

The body is alder, slightly thicker than standard, joined to a maple neck in a different manner from standard PRS guitars. Under the neck heel, the body sticks out to ‘grab’ more of the neck. This is a feature Smith conceived to increase the guitar’s low end.

Other changes to narrow the gap between PRS’s usual recipe and that of Fender include the use of 250k volume and tone controls and a 0.05 microfarad capacitor.

Like the neck joint, the 305 uses another of the 513’s subtle features: a compensated nut. PRS has always used a compensated nut – the nut is moved slightly closer to the first-fret position to improve lower position intonation – but the 513 was the first to advertise the fact. Similarly here, its front edge is angled slightly closer to the first fret on the bass side to tweak the tuning further.

The 25th 305 comes with other celebratory features: the 25th Eagle on the rosewood-faced headstock, black/white Corian shadow bird inlays, 513/ DGT fretwire and a bone-coloured case: watch the dirt.


Imagine a good Strat with increased low-end colour, smoother but still biting highs and a little added mid-range fatness. Then add in superb sustain, immaculate intonation and playability and an excellent in-tune vibrato system and you have a real ‘supercar’ version of Fender’s finest.

Compared to the girth of a Singlecut, the 305 cuts, but is rarely ear-wearing. It has much of a good Strat’s explosive twang on clean, reverbed amp tones, but whereas a Strat isn’t always what you want for higher gained sounds, the 305 is more than happy.

The guitar cleans up very nicely (the volume control has PRS’s typical treble bleed capacitor) and the tone control is, as ever, super smooth if you need to tame the highs. There’s no lack of percussive bounce from the feel either.

Built to the company’s usual ultra-high standards this 25th Anniversary guitar certainly dishes-up a different flavour, or provides a different coloured crayon as Paul Reed Smith would have it.

The 305 doesn’t just lean into the Fender camp, it sits right in front of the fire: an elite-level version of Fender’s finest that will, by its design, not only give PRS fans that ‘missing’ sound but might also bring in players who like the idea of PRS, but need single-coil tones.

These pickups offer a fat single coil sound and are amazingly balanced in volume regardless of the position you’re in.
Where the 513 features a 25,25″ scale lenght the 305 featured a 25,5″ scale lenght just like it’s Fender counterpart.

This particular 305 is the 25th anniversary model of which only 305 where made.
Naturally the off-white anniversery hardcase is included as well as all paperwork.
A rare guitar with a sound of it’s own, and built to PRS’s high standards.
If you’re not a traditionalist and your looking for a Strat that offers supercar performance,
this one might be right up your alley.


Body material : alder

Neck material : maple

Fretboard material : Rosewood

Scale lenght : 25,5″

Fretboard radius : 10″

Nut width : 43 mm

Neckshape : wide / fat

Pickups : 513 single coils

Case : 25th anniversary hardcase

Condition : very good

Modifications : none

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Gewicht 5 kg


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