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The HOMEMIX CDJ-1 is a very compact and powerful mixing console designed to offer a great sound with an easy operational layout, closed in a really portable and personal discotheque.

The good reliability, the double semi-professional CD player (each with a complete pitch bend buttons control), the included tape and radio devices that could be mixed with others sources, the alternative battery power, and, last but not least, a fine design, make it the only DJ BoomBox actually available to the market.

The Homemix CDJ-1 is the first completely mobile DJ system with integral CD players, mixer, power amp and speakers. The CDJ-1 has twin CD platters, cassette player and AM/FM tuner, all accessible and mixable through a centrally located DJ mixer. Built-in power amp and speakers as well as patch points for external devices augment this incredible feature set. Additionally, it is battery powered, making it the first truly mobile DJ system ever! All complete in a beautifully styled package evocative of a space-aged boombox.

Homemix’ twin CDs have sophisticated features to aid slick spinning such as variable speed with +/- 10% pitch control, pitch bend control for fine adjustment of the beat, frame advance of 1/72nd sec for accurate beat positioning and countdown timer.

Seamless mixing can be achieved on the CDJ-1 via the two channel DJ mixer which interacts with the twin CDs, cassette deck or the AM/FM tuner. And it’s even possible to record individual mixes on tape by simply pressing the record button on the internal cassette player.

No matter what your favorite groove, no matter what your favorite beat, CDJ-1 has your style. Whether its Trance, Drum n Bass, Breaks, Hip Hop, House, Techno – you name it, you can do it. The first completely mobile DJ system with integral CD players, mixer, power amp and speakers, CDJ-1 is loaded with features to let you simply put on the show. Play your dance music collection, create a groove on the club floor from your own perfect mix, make a statement that speaks of your passion for music – and use the right equipment for the job. It makes an impression that can’t be beat!

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