G&L Tribute ASAT (Tele) Deluxe ‘Carved Top’ Bright Blueburst met Humbuckers

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De ASAT Deluxe Carved Top: een van de krachtigste ASATs ooit.

Je ziet direct dat deze ASAT indrukwekkend is. Hij is uitgerust met twee Alnico humbuckers met chroom kapjes, gemonteerd in een gelijmde, esdoorn-top nato body. Deze nieuwe gitaar brengt de iconische ASAT verder in het zwaardere genre, terwijl hij de feel en bespeelbaarheid behoudt die de ASAT tot een favoriet onder spelers hebben gemaakt.

De ASAT Deluxe Carved Top heeft een gemakkelijk bespeelbare hals met een topkam-breedte van 1-5/8”, een klassieke C-vormige achterkant en een toetsradius van 12” voor moeiteloze diepe bends. Aan de andere kant zorgt een G&L Saddle Lock-brug, ontworpen door Leo Fender, voor comfort en een zingende sustain. De door Gagon ontworpen pickups zijn te splitsen via een push/pull toonpotentiometer, waardoor alles van sprankelende single-coil klanken tot crunchy blues en scheurende solo’s mogelijk is.

✅Deze G&L Asat Deluxe is door ons afgesteld op een zeer comfortabel speelgemak en optimale klank.


  • CONSTRUCTION: bolt-on
  • SCALE: 25 1/2″
  • PICKUPS: G&L AS4250C in neck position, G&L AW4370C in bridge position; designed by Paul Gagon
  • BODY WOOD: Nato with Flame Maple top and white binding
  • NECK WOOD: Hard-Rock Maple with satin finish and Rosewood fingerboard
  • NECK RADIUS: 12″
  • FRETS: 22 medium jumbo
  • NECK WIDTH AT NUT: 1 5/8″
  • NECK PROFILE: classic C
  • BRIDGE: G&L Saddle Lock
  • CONTROLS: 3-position pickup selector, volume, tone with push/pull coil tap
  • FINISH: Bright Blueburst, bound body, black headstock

Extra informatie

Gewicht 5 kg

Geschiedenis G&L

Born from his CLF Research company founded in 1966, Clarence Leo Fender began the final chapter of his legendary career when he launched the G&L brand and instruments in 1980. G&L instruments benefited from his lifetime of creativity and innovation, and throughout the 1980s his groundbreaking new instruments became icons loved by musicians around the world.

Today’s G&L instruments continue to be made in his historic factory on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California – The Birthplace of Bolt-on. We invite you to discover why Leo famously declared ‘G&L guitars and basses are the best instruments I have ever made.’

By the late 1970s, Clarence Leo Fender and his CLF Research company had completed his consultancy for CBS/Fender, designed and manufactured the original Music Man instruments, and were looking forward to launching a new brand.

Together with former Fender employees George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt, Leo launched his new G&L Instruments with advanced features derived from his decades of experience redefining what was possible in an electric guitar and bass.


Leo Fender† passed away on a rainy day in March 1991, an event that shook the music world: the father of modern music was gone. It was on that very day that Leo had completed his last prototype, testament to his passion for improving his instruments.

“G&L Guitars and Basses are the best instruments I have ever made.” – Leo Fender

Why did Leo feel this way? Because he had endowed G&Ls with tone and technology breakthroughs that players still rave about. For example:

The Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato that’s super-smooth and more stable.
The Saddle-Lock Bridge that transfers more resonance to the guitar body.
MFD Pickups which are uniquely clear, warm, expressive and wide-range.
The PTB tone system that offers treble and bass cut for more versatility.

Leo wanted to be sure that G&L would shine even brighter when he was gone. He knew that he must look after his people, so that they would feel free to build on his legacy of quality and innovation. His wife shared this commitment, and she chose Leo’s friend John C. McLaren to assume ownership of G&L and to expand and develop it in a way that would please Leo.

John shared Leo’s view of G&L as a maker of superb instruments, all lovingly crafted for discerning musicians. So do John’s sons, Dave and Johnny McLaren. That’s why now more than ever, G&Ls are widely praised for their superb quality and tone. And thanks to a special blend of traditional craftsmanship and pioneering technology, G&L instruments deliver unsurpassed performance and value.

G&L continues to make instruments with dedication and great skill in Leo’s historic factory on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California – The Birthplace of the Bolt-On. And inspiration is always close at hand, as Leo’s private workshop, the center of his creative universe, remains as it was on his last day and has been visited by luminaries from throughout the music world.

“When my brother Johnny and I were young, Leo was always kind to us and we learned so much from him. Today, we and our team are committed to preserving the memory and rich legacy of Leo Fender – and this means refining and innovating guitars and basses as Leo would have demanded. As my father said shortly after Leo’s passing, ‘We always want to feel that Leo Fender would be proud of today’s G&L.’” –Dave McLaren, President



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