BeyerDynamic Opus 65 Dynamische Kick-drum microfoon

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The Opus 65 is a dynamic kick-drum mic with a hypercardioid moving-coil cartridge — Beyerdynamic’s TG-X 80 capsule, also used in the M 99 TG, Opus 99, and TG-X 50 microphones.
Beyerdynamic states that the Opus 65 is identical to the TG-X 50, and in fact replaced it in Beyerdynamic’s product line. But this refers only to the “Mk II” version of the TG-X 50, which first incorporated the passive EQ filter circuit diagrammed at right. This filter attenuated the mid frequencies in an apparent effort to produce a tailored response for kick-drum miking.
The Opus 65 has been designed primarily for close miking of the kick drum, but is also eminently suitable for floor toms bass drum etc. and, with its inherent ability to withstand extremely high sound pressure levels, can also be used for close miking of musical instruments or speaker cabinets. Hypercardioid polar pattern reduces shell ring in bass drum.

-Frequency response: 15 – 18,000 Hz
-High SPL capability
-Exceptional gain-before-feedback.
-Superb transient response
-Rugged construction XLR connector

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