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A.R.T. Pickup System

Contact Pickup

* A.R.T.(Acoustic Resonance Transducer) technology

– Newly developed contact pickup
Unique multilayer structure achieves optimum dynamic balance.

Yamaha acoustic-electric guitars have consistently used piezoelectric pickups to repdoduce the pure sounds of the acoustic guitar. But piezoelectric pickups tended to overreact to changes in attack, which in turn caused distortion.
To achive ideal playability, we had to improve the way that these dynamics were controlled. To provide a solution to this issue, the new pickup was designed with a multilayer structure consisting of six layers of different materials.
This dampens excessive vibration from the topboard while picking up small resonances to achieve ideal sensitivity and outstanding dynamic balance. Also, because the pickup is fi tted directly beneath the topboard, it functions as a transducer attached to the body.

– 3-way configuration

In addition to two main pickups mounted under the saddle, this system has one each on the bass and treble sides to capture the vibrations of the entire length of the strings and body, as well as the sound’s bass and treble components. The pickups are laid out in such a way as to achieve clear reproduction even during high-position soloing.

A.R.T. Preamp Systems (System60)



3-way configuration

Offers separate controls for main and the two sub pickups (bass and treble). It also has a Master Volume control for final output level adjustment. The preamplifier has only four controls on the body side so as to minimize impact on body resonance. These push-push knobs fit into the body when not in use.


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